Amazon Vehicles

Amazon Vehicles

This project was a new initiative to build a vehicle research platform.

Role: UX Designer
Customer: Vehicle Buyers, Vehicle Owners
Challenge: How do you support vehicle owners and vehicle shoppers?


user flow

Before beginning we discussed and laid out how users would get through the experience based on user type and click path. There would be a vehicle shopper experience and the vehicle owner experience respectively.




To start I took the rough designs started by another designer and began exploring the different paths of the experience. Ultimately it was clear that instead of creating one page to satisfy all of the users I created two paths that would accommodate the target users separately.

Main Features
Vehicle Detail Pages
Your Garage
Vehicle Comparison




Throughout the design phase there were regular check-ins with the director and all the way up to the US VP of Consumer Retail. This project was about iteration and less about documentation so the prototype was used in versions to present the concept and details of the design.