amazon style book

amazon style book

A tool to help discover new furniture based on preferences

Role: UX Designer
Customer: Furniture shoppers
Challenge: How do you help customers find furniture curated to their particular style?


the challenge

This project was to improve on the experience after the initial launch. Customers struggled with understanding the interaction of the first release and did not trust the recommendations.



the solution

In order to address the problem of educating a user how the interactions worked and offer a value proposition to the user I created a landing page. This page would introduce them to the product and have an interactive tutorial in order to show the user how to use the page and engage them. To solve for the interaction issues, I wanted to create feedback that new recommendations were being populated as they were interacting with the like and dislike icons that didn't refresh the entire page.




The documentation for this project covers many of the detailed interactions and new features for the version two experience.