amazon - project WRAP

amazon project WRAP

New application to manage projects for internal teams.

Role: UX Designer
Customer: Internal product teams
Challenge: How do we increase add-on engagement to improve a customer's package experience?


the challenge

Managing projects globally across multiple Customer Service Technology teams was a complex process and varied from team to team. Some teams used Sharepoint, Jira, spreadsheets, or a combination of those to intake and manage requests. This was an inefficient and non-streamlined process. To solve those issues the team came up with WRAP (Work Request Application Process) to better manage incoming projects and delegating them to the correct teams globally.

In order to accommodate our global teams we visited our site in Cork, Ireland and had a week long summit to get feedback and ideas for building the new platform. We had many users involved including customer service agents, project managers, technical project managers, and agent leads to name a few. These discussions helped us solidify the requirements for WRAP and share knowledge of the process for project management.



the solution

WRAP's goal is to create a platform that allows all users from Customer Service from agents to VPs to input requests, manage tasks, and track progress on projects. The application would be a completely new project management tool that would replace many of the current complex processes. This tool was also global first, which worked from our global teams backwards to accommodate the best practices from all teams.




After feedback from our summit and reviews with internal stakeholders a prototype was created to communicate the new design direction and functionality to developers, agents, and other stakeholders.




After feedback from reviews the document along with the prototype was created to communicate the design to all teams involved.