amazon kindle troubleshooter

amazon kindle troubleshooter

Redesign the troubleshooting experience

Role: UX Designer
Customer: Customer Service Agents
Challenge: How can we improve the agent experience so they can assist customers and follow in-policy refunds/replacements?


the challenge

To help customers with their Kindle devices agents have to first use the Troubleshooter to find the best solution for a problem. The experience for the agents was time consuming and not easy to backtrack to quickly troubleshoot device issues.



the solution

The goal of the redesign was to allow agents to easily backtrack during troubleshooting, surface the appropriate recommendations, and make navigating to the correct workflow.




To present the workflows to stakeholders I created a click-through in order to communicate the redesign and it's flow.




After feedback from reviews the document was created to communicate the new design to developers, agents, and other stakeholders.