amazon customer issue manager

amazon customer issue manager

Updated design of the Customer Issue Manager.

Role: UX Designer
Customer: Customer Service Agents managing a customer's contact history
Challenge: How can we improve the agent experience so they can easily get up to date on a customer's issue and help them more quickly?


the challenge

The current application for managing customer contacts was convoluted and challenging to use for new agents. Also, Customer's that had reoccurring issues would have to contact customer service and re-iterate their problem to a new Customer Service Agent everytime. The new CSA would not have easy access to the previous contact and it made the experience for a customer more frustrating while an agent searched for previous actions taken. The information as it was displayed was not easy to parse or quickly navigate in order to solve a customer's problems quickly and efficiently.



the solution

Using the new custom Bootstrap pattern library we modernized the pages and created an experience where agents could see a customer's previous contacts and easily find information and any promises or actions made for the customer. This allowed an agent to more quickly resolve a customer's issue.




Once the solution has been vetted I then created a document with all of the press release, FAQs, requirements, use cases, user flows, mockups, workflows, and redlines.